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Mere words can not describe dealing with Citifinancial Auto.

I am looking for people that have had loans through Citifinancial Auto and have had problems, legal problems, outright abuse and/or bad faith dealings due to this organizations conduct, these problems should be verifiable.

Also any employees or ex employees that have information about Citifinancial Auto's Irving TX., Columbus OH., Englewood CO., or any other of their offices, any information on harassment, screaming, yelling, profane language, threats and/or bad faith dealing, how and if they discipline their employees for violating collection laws, any illegal use of the phones for harassing and annoying customers and how they do it, who to subpoena in the collections department to get their real names of the the individuals that work the telephones.

Please contact me at citibuster@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

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We have a loan through them and a guy claiming to be a supervisor called me at work today claiming I haven't made a payment in 2 months. I told him I have and he proceeded to tell tell me I was full of *** that he has been trying to contact me and every time he calls my home phone that I pick up the phone and hangup.

I asked him what phone number he was calling and he said that's not important that he wants his money. He then said I had 5 days to send it to him our he is sending an attorney after my *** I told him off and let him know that I knew my rights and to not call my work number again.

They have closed my local office and this horse *** was calling from over 50 miles away. I am going to find another local office and show them my receipts and see if I can't get that rude *** fired.


I financed a car through citifinancial four years ago.I paid off the loan last year,and they sent me my payoff letter.They had my car reposessed yesterday.The man who reposessed it gave me no papers,and said i refinanced the van,but i didn't.Now i have to file a police report.Think of this even if you do pay off your vehicle through citi you could still lose your vehicle.


For james, they are not going to release the title on the loan until paid in full. It does not matter that the car motor has blown as you are still repsonsible for the loan.

They are not going to pick up a piece of junk car because it would cost them more to repo than it is worth to sale it and you are still 100% responisble for any balance left after they repo.

Thy can still garnish your wages and put a lien on anything you own (your home) until the loan is paid even if they repo it. Just wanted you to know the laws.


My wife and I have been fighting with these idiots for years. We have a personnel loan with them but we put our car up for collateral and 2 years ago the car blew a head gasket and has wiring problems.

The car has been sitting in my backyard for the last 2 years sinking into the ground. We have tried to get the title so we can junk it and they keep giving us the run around we tried to get them to come pick it up.


We have a loan for a car through them, first of they complain every month that the payment is late, When it isn't. Well they have pissed me off for 3 years.

We went down to the store on Friday and gave them 2 payments in cash. Today they call saying we only paid 1 payment. And the little crook only wrote one payment on the reciept. But that isn't what he stated at the time.

We went down to the store and i don't think those people have ever been to high school. They are lying.

They told us how the person took the money off the account and put it on another account. We will go down there tomorrow to see if they have figured out where $270 disappeared too.


I am currently going thru legal settlement for repossession that was protected under Ch 13. I'm amazed this company hasnt gone under.

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