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I traded in my car for which I had a loan at Citifinancial. The dealership paid off the auto loan with Citifinancial in full on 10/12/09.

On 10/16/09 Citifinancial Audo auto-debited my checking account for $430. Now I'm overdrawn! And, they say it's my fault because I didn't cancel the auto-debits! Let's see...

I have a zero balance, but they continue to accept payments on that paid-in-full account. The only contact is their call center in Bangalore; apparently there is no US entity I can speak to. They won't directly credit my checking account, but say they'll send a check....

So I wait, while my checking account overdraft fees mount. I hate them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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:( i am to having a great deal of a trouble with obtaining a lein releases. food for thought, I will be filing complains with new york motor vechiles, new york attorney general, the local news agencies BBB and whom ever else I can think of.

I have paid my loan on time and in fact ahead of schedule.

It is there responseability to make this rite. please join me.


Did you ever get the lein released? I paid off my car to them in 2008 and just found out that they never released the lien because California DMV has a "digital" title thing so I never got a copy.

Now that I've moved out of state, I need a copy of my title and found out the lien was never released.

I have 60 days to get a copy of the title for registration in my new state. I'm a little worried!


My loan was a complete nightmare with Citifinancial and then was transfered to Santander and it became worst. The car was paid off over a year ago and I still have not received a title.


I had a car loan thru citifinancial auto an the car went thru chapter13 an car was was paid off an i received car title back from santander consumer whom brought citifinancial out . docid 510008617928 .....11/10/12 date released an mailed to wallace clark an betty a.

clark ctrl;100johnsr.name b.clark loan #1114709 says lein held by arcadia financial 3260 pointe kwy 300 vancross ,ga 30092..........title was mail to above owers but the leinholder did not release title am wanting to trade car but need the citifinancial auto/ arcadia financial lein took off.

please check out and call 2562066499 or email with info to clar1983@bellsouth.net. any help will be welcomed thanks waLLace clark


need help to fine citifincial


this company ripped me off and they need to be out of business!!!! 2yrs later i still owe money to them even when im settled out!!!!! :(


I have two auto loans I've been paying on monthly for 9 years. I have paid 3,200 on the principal on one and 600 on the other.

The total amounts came to 20,400. At this rate my great grand children will still owe on this account.


Did Santander Buy Auto Loans from Citi Financial, or did Citi change their name to Santander? I need to get my payment records from Citi financial, I did some research and I found a site that said Citifinancail is now Santander USA, Makes me wonder! We are part of the lawsuit aganinst Santander.


Is there a number that the customer can reach any of these people to ask questions, and or get things cleared up? Or, do I need to stop paying them so someone calls me about non payment? LEt me find out....


Sorry to hear all the complaints about Citi Financial, but i have a car loan and i had financial trouble and they cut all the intrest and gave me a 100 dollar a month payment. not bad!

to all out there, they need to see all legal paperwork for them to help you. i had to file BK Chapter 13 and that's how they were able to help.


I have a mortgage loan with these people..I did a loan modification with them and they set my me up on a daily interest loan who ever heard of A mortgage payment like that if you pay early one month and on time the next you pay your payment plus two days of interest because you paid early..When I went to talk to them and ask why you didnt tell me they said because we did't have to I'm trying to get a lawyer because all they do is rip you off..and just think there the ones who got the bail out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had an auto loan with Citifinancial Auto. I lived on the Coast and the market crashed out there in 2007 and my business almost went under.

I attempted to make the payments of over $600.00 until 2010 when I just couldn't do it anymore. We had to move to a cheaper place to live and I had to start my business over and my husband had no job for 13 months. We gave our car back to Citifinancial. It went to auction and finally in 2011 we got a notice from Citifinancial Auto saying that it had been sold at auction and that we still owe $19,000+.

Really? My loan was sold to Santander and Citifinancial Auto and Santander have never contacted me to tell me this. I have discovered it by looking at my credit report. Now Santander is saying we owe over $21,000.

We bought this car in 2007 for $24,000 and paid on it for 3 years and still owe $21,000. They still have yet to contact me telling me that they have my loan. I refuse to deal with this company after all the complaints I have read. It's a neverevending dark hole that your payments go into.

2098 complaints to BBB in last 24 months. Seriously?

How are they getting away with ripping people off? Both of these companies are ripoffs!!!


I'm glad i've no problems with both companies so far!So GQQD!and i've dealt wit both in the past... :sigh


my husband and i had bought our first brand new car unfortuanetly he wrecked it 3 months after we bought it. It was completly totaled we had gap insurance but for some reason citi financial continued to send us a bill for over a year after the truck had been gone.

So now it looks like on his credit report that we never paid the bill and it went into collections.

Im trying to call then to get it fixed but i cant get a hold of anyone what do i do. The credit bureu said there isnt anything they can do.


I got a loan through ELoan, who sold it to SST, who sold it to CitiFincial, who sold it Santander. Unlike many who have posted, I received a letter from Santander saying my auto payments will no longer be accepted and that I need to mail in a payment and start a new payment through Santander if that is the route I want to go.

So we mail a payment to Santander. We look at our checking account which is on the *** of $0 and notice Santander auto debited a payment anyways. We call and they say they cannot refund the payment even though we have, in writing from them, that they were not going to auto debit our payment. Now I'm at payoff time, We have made 60 payments on a 60 month loan and they say we still have a balance of nearly $100.

I have called Eloan who gave me a phone number and account reference number to SST. I call SST who through recordings says my account has been sold to Citi and gives me their phone number. I call the Citi number which says the phone number is no longer valid.

So now I can't get my payment history, or much less a person on the other end of the phone. Citi SUCKS!


In 2011, CitiFinancial became OneMain Financial those bastards are trying to hide from their horrible reports..


For unknown, your loan was sold to santander and they own the contract now, it is just like when mortgages are sold and bought.


Purchased a new 2006 BMW, paid off the loan in September 2010. Still can't get my title released.

Called the 800# and got a fast busy signal. HOW do I get my title if I can't talk to a human and the number on the statement sheet is disconnected?


Something happen to me. I never received an letter from Citifinancial Auto stating they turned my auto loan over to Santander USA and Santander USA never sent me a letter stating they received they bought my loan from Citifinancial Auto.

The way that I found out was by Santander contacting me by phone. Now they are saying they are suing me for the contract of the loan $15,000.00.

For this I am seeking an lawyer, because, I am not going to pay for the vehicle again and I never had a contract with Santander. My payments were $460.30 for seven years.


I paid of my account back in 2005 for a auto-loan, Its still showing a payment amount on my Credit, Now there is no one to contact.

What ***'s, cant we do someting about this?


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