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while recently trying to work with citifinancial auto on a loan modification,due to hardship sufferings we were given nothing but a run around for three weeks. Not only would they give us the courtesy of a simple telephone call back they also could not tell us where all our personnel finicial doucuments that were faxed over to their company were.

Faxes resend daily at their request, I am now told were actually sent to India which then in turn are suppose to be sent back to their company by e-mail.Which they are cliaming never to have recieved. Who does have all our finicial documents!

And what are they capable of doing with it??? were horrified to think!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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Well, it has been a while since my loan was paid off. Still have not received the title (which was due by law 10 days later).

I have called several times and get the same story (10 days will be received), that is after they locate my file. I called the VA AG office for consumer assistance. Was advised they are busy with more serious matters and send in a written complaint with documents. While on the call today to check the status I was again asked if I had returned full converge to my vehicle that is paid off.

60 months of payments on time and now this.

Someone my husband works with has been advised they owe late fee for 51 months, as this company has no record that the due date was ever changed by Citi and it does not matter that Citi did not say the payments were ever late, Santander is now saying they were late for the 51 months and they want the late fees paid pronto. They have had an attorney call Santander and they will not speak with the attorney, but will take faxes, that it sounds like they never respond to.


Was not informed about the Santanderconsumerusa called to get title changed was informed my car payment was in collections but was not behind. Been with citi financial auto for 6 year will be paid off in Sept.

but can not reach anyone I can understand. I have a fax # to God knows where.

I have no idea what to do or whom to contact. Help :cry


I am having a problem. My original auto loan was with Arcadia financial who sold out to Citifinancial auto and now I find out it is some other company.

I paid off my car in '08 and I can not get a release of lein. I have tried to get ahold of all of the above companies and only get an automative person never one with a heart beat. I have tried my dmv, and sec of state but these companies I am told are still open and in good standing so no help there.

I just want to sell my car...I want the release of lein.. HELP


The Finance company Can not find my infor mation to get the proof of loan pay off.

Why can't that happen when you owe the money. I want to get the lean off the title. What do you do with this?


hello, i was trying to check on a vin # on an automobile. i was told by my husband that he was having a vechile repo. i wanted to checked into it and see if that's what he did.

Thank you


For Mad Sergeant First Class, i am sorry about your problems but there is a few things to clear up on here. You are talking about citi auto had your loan not citifinancial.

Two, santander bought out and is now servicing all loans and citi auto has nothing to do with it.

It is the same as when your mortgage co sells your mortgage. Your complaint is against santander not citi auto.


For Mad Sergeant First Class, i am sorry about your problems but there is a few things to clear up on here. You are talking about citi auto had your loan not citifinancial.

Two, santander bought out and is now servicing all loans and citi auto has nothing to do with it.

It is the same as when your mortgage co sells your mortgage. Your complaint is against santander not citi auto.


First, I am in the military in Washington State. (Army); Start: Citi Financial Auto was taken over by Santander Consumer, sometime in Aug/Sept, I was not sent any notice as an account holder.

the account was a loan for a truck. this loan was set up on a military allotment that is sent from DFAS, Defense Finance, and sent directly to the company. three years no issues till Citi was baught out or something. after the first payment, My wife was sent a notice that Citi was now Santander Consumer INC, and all account holders were not required to do anything, on the back of the form, it even list to include military allotments.

so we did not do anything thing, then couple weeks later, my wife was sent a noice of late payment and the collector calls started. Hmm, I called them after my wife called me while at a training site, and was told we were missing two payments for September and then October, I explained that It is coming out on military allotment and that I am no where I can do anything about it. next day, a collector called, on my cell phone, explained the same to them and that when I return home, I will look into it.

Once back at Ft Lewis, the calls kept coming every day, I explained to them that my payment is coming out of my allotment and refered to the letter that was sent, was told that it does not include military allotments, so I faxed over my leave and earning statement with the letter showing it did say we did not have to do anything and the accounts would be transfered automatically. few days later, called again, was told that the payments are needed.replied that the fax was sent (this is November now, their reply, more proof was needed.

Ok went ot the finance office and received a statment show the amount, routing number and account number, this is all the office can provide. so this was faxed, I received no word on the company's end on the receipt of the fax. I had to call to verify and the call went straight to collections based off of my cell phone and home numbers. was told that I was latye on the payments.

I asked about the fax, was placed on hold and was told that the account folks are reviewing, but we still want the payments. weeks later, I went and stopped the allotments after I refinanced the truck with someone alse. Got the account paid. in fact it was over paid.

So now I have been calling to see about my three payments that were missing, the third was sent prior to citi before I could stop it fully, takes a while to stop payments, any way, to cut it short, I have been getting the run around for weeks on the missing payments, today I call and was told to send proof again, which does not make sense to me, I explained to the supervisor that I had sent it in November, was told it was not good enough and that if it was sent after I closed (paid) the account off, they would not have record of it. Everytime I call I am told that an email will be sent out to the account folks, I keep asking for me to be able to talk to someone on this, I get that no one can call anyone else, only to customer service.

I have tried to contact Citi Financial Auto, Citi Finance, and Citi Group, all refer me back to Santander Comsumer. All I want is my three missing payments and over payment returned to me and on the over payment, I am told 45 days which to me is too long.


Sandtander freaking sucks. I have had my auto loan for 4 years with Citi and have NEVER been late.

Not once. They sold my loan and my first payment to Sandtander was due in October and now Sandtander is saying they don't have a September payment from me. My September payment was sent to Citi and I have proof, but they refuse to update and correct my account. All payments that I now send to Sandtander are being applied to the previous month vs.

the current month. What can we do about this?????????

This is insane. I have had perfect credit but now due to this I don't.


No they are not out of business. Santander is now the serivicer for all the loan but citi auto still owns them!


Citifinancial auto went out of business?? And this samtamdercomnsumerusa has picked up their loans? Someone have any information on this?


I just foud out that citifinancial auto was bought out by some santanderconsumerusa but was not informed by mail nor any other means. I get a phone call saying I am late on a payment because they no longer are taking it directly out of my checking.

I have no copy of a bill and they will not send one because they are unable to. Oh and by the way I have a new acct number and I should just send the money to a PO box addressed to them. WHATEVER!!!

And forget talking to a supervisor, I have been on hold for 20 minutes. This is a farce.


For kelly, it does not matter if you are a month late or a week. If you are late then you are late and if they can not contact you then yes they can call you at work by law. That is not harrasment, you owe the bill and are late!!


I wasn't even one month behind, I had sent in the payment though they had not received it yet and they are calling me at work harrassing me for the payment. I told them it was against the law to harass me at work. They hung up on me!


They are given me the runaround too. Was promised by several managers if I made one more payment, they would give us an amendment reducing our 15% to an affordable interest rate.

I did the over the phone income analysis three times and each time they told me I qualify for the amendment. Made the payment and now am told that I don't qualify and they want 2 months car payment - which would not have been behind if they had not told me I had to be behind to qualify for the amendment. Now all the managers that I spoke too before that promised me the amendment are not available for me to be transferred too.

Awful way to treat people - lies and more lies all for what? So we can bail them out again?!


I too am in the same boat. I have been unemployed after being laid off for down sizing and ask for a modification to be done temporarily on my payments.

I still pay on time but having a hard time coming up with the finds. I have been given the run around for 3 weeks as well. At first they told me I needed to be current to apply for this mod. I come current and now they tell me I cant do it because Im current?

Wow really?

So I have been trying to speak to a manager to no avail. So I totally understand.


I have tried to talk to a manager for better then 3 weeks now, continue to get the run around from them as well. They made some alteration to the auto loan I co signed with out even informing me...

that can't be legal. I'm contacting a lawyer.


I am in the same vote. I have been going through some hardships, although I have been making some payments (not the full amount), and they have been giving me the run around with faxes and phone calls. No one seems to care and their customer service is awful.



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