Ashburn, Virginia

My husband and I had a loan with CitiFinancial Auto, we had no issues with the loan. We paid off the car in 2008 but the MVA is still showing the lender in their computer system.

Recently the car was totaled and we cannot find the lien release and title. After many, many phone calls and online searches concerning Arcadia Financial (original lender); CitiFinancial; OneMain Financial; Santander...oh my goodness what a mess of a trial! I was able to apply for lien release at the link below.

We'll see what happens next.

If anyone needs a Lien Release try and see if they can assist you! Their toll free number is 866-244-6913.

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We have had the same experience, we are gonna try your information, hoping this may help us... Titleless in Texas


I went through this process. Citifi Auto was sold out to Santander.

After contacting them at 888-222-4227 and dealing with a very annoying automated system I was finally able to get through to a customer service rep.

I was told because we paid off our truck after 2010 I had to go to or call them at 888-299-8425 to request the lien release. Even though I have never received a lien release I still had to pay $30 to get it and wait 7-10 days or pay an extra $5 to have it faxed then mailed to me.


GMAC financing did the same exact thing to me on my car and my car was paid off for over a year and half. The registration office in my state said this happens a lot with loan companies, that they do not send the loan release so that they are able to be taken off as lien, as if they are expecting to get more money, and to add to it they also will charge you more money for the release.


Thank you this information has been vary helpful


I am in debted 2 you the original person that wrote ths email.... I never got a copy of the title from Arcadia (very long story I won't go into).....

I contacted the people you referred and they got it to me within a week and a half!!!!! I can't imagine how I would have gotten this done without finding your post!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

This company responded very quickly to my request and I couldn't be happier!

Lien Release try and see if they can assist you! Their toll free number is 866-244-6913 .


We have the same exact issue. Were you able to get the lien release? I was given an email to citifinancial but haven't heard anything back.


what email were you given for citifinancial?

the one that I was given ( came back as undeliverable.


They were sold out to Santander (888-222-4227) but don't bother calling. They will tell you that you have to contact or call them at 888-299-8425.

By the way, you'll have to pay $30 and wait 7-10 days to get it! Or..,pay additional $5 if you want it faxed in 2-3 days!! GRRRR!!!

Very unhappy as I never received one from Citifi! Lesson learned: Get my lien release as soon as I pay off a vehicle!!

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