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After setting up a payment arrangement with them in March due to an economic hardship (unforseen out of pocket medical expense) I was certain that I would be able to keep my payments on track. In May I started recieving collections calls stating my payments were 20 days late. As it turns out, CFA decided to stop deducting the payments from my checking account without telling me. More than a week of extra interest had accrued before I figured this out!

No one bothered to call me to say that anything had changed. Now my payment is 20 days past due (more money for them)and I'm sure it's all legal. I wish more than anything I didn't have a loan with this company. Their systems don't talk to each other and the customer service sucks. I hope this company tanks and soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

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I need a notarized lien release on their letterhead. I have payed my car off Addendum No#41-44 101264.2001 Chev.monte carlo


I recently send u an email about a letter indicating about a letter of payment in full please I need that so I can sell my car cause my title says that theirs a lein on the car so please let me know something


Well I have joined the ranks. I also knew nothing of the takeover by Santandar.

I have tried many times to call them in Dallas, get some *** who gives the main office number and NO ONE answers. Now trying to understand how they think my payoff is over six hundred more than my original finance amt. According to their own records. I owe just two payments, but that amt owed is more than 3 1/2 payments.

I will never buy a vehicle with citifinancil or Santandar!

If some car company wants to finance with them I will just not buy the vehicle! Hope the BBB gets this information!


I like how no two Santander reps give matching answers to any particular question... That's not at all frustrating when trying to figure your payoff total!

Oh yeah, and heaven help anyone that might need a loan modification packet because for the life of me I can't understand how- especially in this day in age- it could possibly take 5 to 7 business days to receive an email... Buncha f***in' shysters.


This is madness. So this country has gotten to the place where it allows companies like Citi to PIM its hard working citizens.

This Santander is a bank from Spain. This was a back door deal made with a foreign bank. So now we are paying a foreign company our US $$$. El Banco Santander.

To date, no one can explain to me my August 2010 car payment. My bank account shows that it was paid. According to Santander their system does not reflect that payment. Oh this is wonderful…in addition, some wonderful *** continued to withdraw unauthorized payment from my bank account.

Talk about illegal. All prior payment arrangements that were made with CitiFin. Auto, are now out-the-door. Hi!!!

CitiFinancial Auto, new PIM on the block. :upset


If you want to complain about santader then put in on santader sight and not citi auto. That is 2 different co!!!!


Im pissed myself. Unless I mail my payment in advance I have to pay a 10.95 convenience fee?

WTF???? that is insane!!!

Not to mention I was caught off guard with this company. Im looking for a refinance this is ***.


:eek i had the same happen 2 me an i startd recieving collection calls from them an i ignored them cauz i said i dnt hav an acct with them an didnt know that was what it was an they suck *** like citi this loan has been bought out 3 times an i want out this loan. esp when u cant talk to a rep.


So I am dealing with the same mess...this Santander group has ruined my credit...charged me late fees etc...even fees they cannot explain to me...after 4 different people....yes, the fee is only $5.06 but it is a matter of principle.

We had an agreement with Citi, and now that is gone out the window...and my credit has been ruined, showing 40 days late as of today...

i'm angry, i'm mad, and i'm going to tell everyone i know, on every single site i can find....funny (not really) thing is, i was not even aware that my account was considered "past due". had i known that, i could have paid it in the way, this is my very last 2 payments on my loan...Santander trashed my credit on the last payment....unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBB, facebook I come...


I'm confused about my payment this month! So frustrating, that I have not received a Noitce of Payment for the month of October.

My intial payment every month is th 28th. I call CitiFinanical many times I cannot get through, it says my account number is no longer active! What does that mean??? CITI FINACIAL WHAT IS GOING ON???


I hope to hear from someone soon!!! I will be making a intial complain to BBB today.

I do not want a late payment showing up on my TRW when I never received a Notice of Payment to send a check! Ugh :(


:( I was also bumped. I received an email in my junk mail,which i ignored.

Now I received a letter today from CitiFiancial Auto,stating my autopay(ach) out of my checking account will continue,but it will show:" Santander Consumer USA" on your bank statement!

I had the same thing happen on my house mortgage 3 times! UGH :-(((


I just learned my auto loan has been sold to another company. No warning, explanation of what happened. I cannot talk to a live person because I all get is a message and then they say goodbye. I need to talk to someome regarding my September payment. Could someone please contact me with additional information?


EArline A. Bentley


Santader bought out citifinancial auto and all their loans.


I was lucky,I called cust. service # and got SUNTANER and she gave me my new act.# plus where to send it.Sorry Folks but we've been sold out !!!!


Citifinancial has another company collecting my car payment but how can I make a payment to them if I don't have an account number with the new company and its all automated and I can't get through to a live person!? I can hardly make out the name of the new company over the recording...

it sounds like 'Sandair USA Incorp' but I can't find their website... They are going out of their way to make me late on my car payment!


Anyone doing business with Citifinancial will have a rude awakening in the next couple of weeks. It seems that the company has been bought out by another company and they are no longer doing deferrments in the state of Texas because of the whole fax thing.

The new company will go into effect by sept. 6th and if you are in the middle of a deferrment as of today Sept 1 you are screwed. Half of the company seems to know of the buyout and half doesn't so as always you get different answers every time you call. I can say that the Phillipine office is closing but they still don't know what is going on and still take info about diferrments.

Why as customers of this company were we not notified of the change in company status? Letters are supposably sent out but I sure did not get one yet.


To reply to your *** remark you posted on 08-08-2010 first of all I am embarrassed that I share the same name with you "kim". First Citifinancial Auto is who I have my account with and since your posting does not make sense I will try my best to decifer what the heck you are replying to: you can choose any fax machine you want and when it is faxed-what does that mean I was not disputing the fax number you can use but you are limited to certain business that allow for fax use when you don't have your own personal one.

Citi will not let you pick when they fax it over and they usually fax other peoples account information to the fax number you supplied them for yourself. Now the bail out so you think our government did not bail out this company then you are wrong and need to get your facts straight before you get on here and start making dumb comments. Yes I got a loan from them but I had my choice of companies to pick from and unfortunately I picked them. Won't do that again.

But they did not bail me out since I had many choices they lent me money and are making money off of me with the interest just as any other company would. So don't act like they did me some huge favor. I have great credit and don't have to use them.

I believe they should change alot of their business and customer service tatics it would make for a better repore with their customers. And they do outsource their work as other companies in America do I think that causes communication problems plus with our unemployment rate being so high why not but some Americans back to work and stop giving out our jobs!


Grow up, you can choose any fax machine you want and when it is faxed. Also most state requires signed document that you agreed to any change in terms or even for a deferment.

Also what does a bailout have anything to do with you?? One citi got bailout (loan see below) not citfinancial.

Two just as you needed a loan citifinancial bailed you out and gave you the money citi (not citifinancial) got a loan and has already paid it back in full and the goverment made 7 billion in profit off the loan. So why dont you follow the example and pay back as you agreed, they gave the money you needed when you needed it.

Also it is citiauto not citifinancial auto. These are 2 different co and you can not even make a citi auto payment at a citifinancial due to this.


Citifinancial Auto is a terrible company. They outsource jobs the American people should be employed doing!

When you do call for any arrangements there is a major communication barrier since you are talking to someone in a foreign country. Oh and what is the deal with faxing personal information to fax number that does not even belong to the customer? They say that before they can make any arrangements for payment they have to fax something to you it does not matter that you don't have a personal fax machine in your home! So lets just send out documents with personal IDENTITY THEFT information all over them to a business fax and send it before or after the customer asked when it is going to be faxed.

Not like anyone just stands around a UPS or FEDEX store waiting for faxes for days. This company is a joke and we should of never bailed them out!


For misty, what tax fraud. They do not do taxes or have anything to with your taxes so why would they be under investigation.

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