Irving, Texas

Received a letter informing me my loan was sold to Santander Consumer USA, Inc. This new company will charge for everything they do including any type of payment ($10.95) to apply to the loan.

Their customer service personnel do not care about what you need, they just want your money - do not care about anything else. I was told since it was not in the contract to waive the fee, I will be charged a service fee. I am already paying for the loan monthly.

The website has only PO Box addresses - no street addresses - no location listed to be able to go and make payment. I see this as only a money hungry company.

Not fair! Horrible company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

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my husband and i had the same thing happen.. our loan was sold to santander from citi and the price doubled..

from 8 payments left to 16.. santander said that was done by citi and of coarse you cant get ahold of citi anymore to find out the truth.. to avoid losing our car we paid the amt owed to get rid of them..

even our very last payment to them was a nightmare.. they are a horrible company


Santander Consumer USA stinks. Citifinancial mistakenly debitted my account twice causing my other payments and debits to bounce.This caused over 300 bucks in NSF fees.

When I called Citi I was told they would reverse the debits and to call back on Tuesday. When I called back Tuesday I was informed that my new company was Santander Consumer and they knew nothing about it and were not going to refund the money back or pay the fees. After 2 weeks of fighting I received the 2nd payment back but NEVER received the overdraft fees.My bank even faxed a letter stating none of the fees would have occured if the 2nd pymnt wasnt processed. I contacted the BBB and received a response where Santander told them I actually agreed to the double payment but they reversed the 2nd as a courtesy.

REALLY?!?! Crooks..Can't wait until my LAST payment next year!!Also since the change I have had a couple $10.95 fees and $14.95 fees added to my account.

The reps I speak with can not explain them and promise a supervisor will call me within 48hours which never happens.. Is this even legal...


:upset has citifinancial sold contracts to ge money ????


They are demanding 2600 from on my car loan that was also sold to them by Citifinancial. She said my 60 months is up and i have to pay the balance which is interest and other fees.

They are stating my account is 50 days late which is untrue and she asked what I could pay and I told her I thought you wouldn't accept anything but the balance and she said she would but the problem is they will still report it late until the full balance is received so you take the chance of your vehicle getting repossessed even if you make the payment . I told her I want a letter in writing stating when the balance is paid I will receive my title because I told her to google her company and then she will know why I don't trust them, she put me on hold because she knows I know they are a scam company. I need help I have the money to pay them but how can I be sure they won't still take my car and what is the best payment method to be sure. Everyone please be aware of this company.

I can't believe the government let's this go on, it's hard enough to live these days without companies like this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


My loan was also changed to this *** poor company!! Their customer service is horrible!

They charge me the $10.95 fee as well! I never thought I'd say this, but i want citi back!


I too have had nothing but misery from Santander. Reading the above complaints it is more comforting that I am not alone with the abuse of this company.

I never received a notification of company change, they are extremely rude, and they do not stop calling even when you have already spoke with them. I have received phone calls after 9:00 pm. I have spoken with reps got hung up on and then called back and nothing had been written in are account discussing an agreement that the first rep agreed on.

What I don't understand, wasn't Citifinancial one of the bank that got a huge loan from the goverment?, And doesn't goverments money come from the tax payers, oh yeah that would be us when we all had jobs. So the way I see it is Citifinancial got a loan from us when they where down yet when the American people are down and we are just asking for a little leeway way, they turn around and sell us to a company that can't even hire people who speak English......What is wrong with picture.


Is it legal for CitiFinancial to sell the loan to Santander and change the terms of the loan? I had a traditional car loan from CitiFinancial and they changed it to a simple interest car loan at Santander.

Would really like to know. btw; not terribly impressed by the customer service either.


Well, like I've posted in here before, I was approved for a modification on my loan right before the transition. I was told I "HAD" to be 2 months late in order to qualify for the amendment to my loan.

Citifinancial said they would fax over the paperwork that day, but I never got it because unknown to me they were transfering over to Santander. Santander wants all the payments now or the repo man will be coming in a week. No one ever told me anything about late fees in order to qualify for the amendment or that I would have my car repossessed by Santander if I followed the amendment rules. Class actions against them are on sueeasy .

com Free to state your case on there and join everyone else. Maybe a lawyer will soon take notice and help us.


I feel all of the distress mentioned in these responses. CitiFinancial Auto did a gross disservice to its customers in selling loans to Santander without prior notice and a massive disservice by not ensuring payments made to Citi in September were visible to Santander.

Santander accused me of lieing about not being notified. They also accused me of not paying my September payment (I have NEVER been late during the 3 years I've been with Citi!! NEVER!). This resulted in Santander FRAUDULENTLY accessing my checking account and debiting the September payment that had already posted with Citi!

The Santander customer service team claims to be in Dallas, TX. I find that difficult to believe since ALL OF THEM have speech accents that are quite difficult to understand.

I think we could all get together and file a class action suit against Citi for the manner in which they jeopardized consumer credit profiles due to SLOPPY handling of the loans to Santander. There are probably thousands of us who,if joined in force, could make Citi accountable for this debaucle.


I am pissed as well!!! It sounds like a very dirty fly by night company looking to cash in at the expense of the consumer.

I never received a letter either, and forwarded my payment to citifinancial, which I was told by a customer service rep as Sandeer that they will forward to them. But some part of me is skepticle because I think they may try to start a reposession in order to collect more money in fees.


I am pissed as well!!! It sounds like a very dirty fly by night company looking to cash in at the expense of the consumer.

I never received a letter either, and forwarded my payment to citifinancial, which I was told by a customer service rep as Sandeer that they will forward to them. But some part of me is skepticle because I think they may try to start a reposession in order to collect more money in fees.


I called today because I hadn't received and invoice for my October payment which is due on the 15th. I was transferred to Santander Consumer USA where I had to jump through numerous hoops just to get rep on the phone.

When I finally got one he barely spoke english and couldn't answer any of my questions I did figure out that they do not have the 10 day grace period that Citifinancial Auto did or atleast I couldn't get the rep to confirm or deny that. It was a lot of slide of the hand trick during our conversation which reminded me of the way I learned to interact with customers when I telemarketed magazines in my teen years.

I am still seeking legal advice but it is my understanding that when a loan is purchased from another company all the contingencies of that loan are to remain the same, meaning we should still have a 10 day grace period. Please keep me updated as to what you all find out on your own loans as this mess progresses, my email is kylelotus_85 at ya hoo.


:cry :upset :cry Why me citifinancial did us wrong . I had a stop payment and a Certified Mail Fee .........

last min. they let me know my loan sold . okay this way they are causing a lot of people . LOT of extra MONEY .....

When i go to get a new car . It will not be with Santander . I am a Ohio Nut .But not Nut to ask Santander For a LOAN .

:upset :upset :eek :x The Joke is on my Now .. but the Joke will be on Santander later because in my family we have 11 car's for then to lose money on :grin :grin :grin


I am really upset that Citi sold my infomation to santander consumer co !! I was never notifited about this change i called citi to make a pymt and it trafsfered me to santander consumer co wtf!!

I was upset that my loan was sold i was speaking to a rep and she got smart with me and hung up ? Then I called back to asking for a mananger and i got someone and they told me that they are not doing anything for me becuase according to the notes I am demanding ? How dare this company lie in notes. I felt this was rude and un professional..

Why in the *** would citi sell our autoloans and not tell us !!? My bill is messed up . No one will help me straighten my bill out ..........

I really want to report santander consumer co but who should i contact?? Can any one help?


Hi, I was with another company - Flagship which sold to Santander. Good thing I opened the bill letter.

I can say all of my payments post - yes the $11.00 online fee sucks - but you can always mail your payment in for free. But that is more likely to get lost. My job recently went from Monthly to Biweekly. I had to be about a week late on my normal payment date.

I called and told them and had no problems.

I guess, it just depends on what CSR you get. I'm in NC.


Like all of you, I am also a part of the "sell out ~ CitiFinancial". I think that CitiFinancial should have told us long ago what was going on to give us an opportunity to stay or leave. I guess that's the freedom we have in America, huh?

I wasn't even going to call or contact this company after doing research on them, reading all the complaints ~ how they are so rude, how they have extra fees, etc, I said why even deal with them, but I guess my curiosity got the better of me, so I decide to call them to let them know that my September payment was on the way. WHY DID I DO THAT?

The conversation started out ok, but when I told the csr that I wouldn't give her my bank account info and I will send a money order, it was like she started having a bipolar moment. She started yelling and telling me that this company will not wait like Citi did and she's trying to explain to me the situation. While she was ranting all I could do was laugh and say out loud "Lord I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY". She then told me that she was going to get a supervisor on the phone, so hold on, but the next thing I heard was a dial tone, Really? Are you serious? Who in their right mind wants deal with a company or customer service like this? NOT ME.

What I can suggest is, this a great time to voice our opinion in regards to companies like this Santander. Especially, with the election coming up.

Those of you who reside in Texas, I'm totally with you if want to march on down to:

Santander USA Consumer

8585 N. Stemmons Frwy

Ste. 100

Dallas, TX 75247


We can call at least 2-3 news stations. I'm not for certain, but I can bet my bottom dollar, something will be done, quite Quickly.


I am going through this like everyone else, As mentioned above you can pay these people but you will probably lose your car somewhere down the line. To make a long story short they have added thousands to my account, Citifinancial im told does not have to let us know anything, and this bank, or collection agency or whatever they are not professional, my advice try and protect your car and bring it to court.


I had all the same problems with Santander. It took them a month to find the August payment I made to Citifinancial.

I had also deferred a couple of payments with Citifinancial adding them to the end of my loan and now those deferred payments are now showing past due. So, the total left of my loan is due now. They won't work with me, they are rude. Don't even get me started on their website that doesn't work.

It shows I already exist and have never registered. Can't even recover a password or user id.

They were supposed to reset it for me after calling and never did. Worst company I've ever dealt with.


I bought my car in august of 2010 and my loan was with citifinancial, the first week I had my car they send me a bill for $278.00. I send the $8200.00 to citifinancial.

Two weeks went by Santander send me the same bill. I told Santander I sent the money already.

They told me to talk to citifinancial to recover my money back. Santander is BS all the way and trying to make me pay double for my car.


I was shock to find out that my loan was sold to some unknown group. I found out when I noticed that the car payment wasn't debited from my account on the schedule date.

It took a whole 4 days ( I don't like creditors taking too long to get the *** out of my account.

I was told its due to bank security and the conversion of EFT accounts. So far no issues.

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