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Facebook Citifinancial auto because they will not remove one little late entry for the month that I was late when my mother died! Every other company does it and they were part of the banking that received the bail out from the President with OUR tax money and they won't even help their customers a little.

Spread the word and get this campagne going and alert others of citi. When you purchase new automobiles refuse doing business with citi!!!!!! Citi does not care to help consumers! They only help themselves.

Send letter to their President, Daniel D. Leonard, PO Box 9575, Coppell, TX 75019-9575 (800)486-1740 or FAX (888)249-5595.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

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This is the worst company in the world to ever deal with. I hope they go so broke all the hair lipped people that answer thier phones quit and go back across the border.

I hope they never get another govt bailout..

If this is your only choice on a new car loan.... forget the car and walk...


i hate this company. the person who commented on this post must be one of the employees that give people the run around.

after 64 calls in 21 days i still cant get a paper faxed to me. If you like this company so much, send me the *** fax so i can sign it


Just saying they needed a bailout from loan holders that signed a contract stating the would pay the same time each month. I do feel sorry for you loss but you contract doesn't say I will make a pymt unless life happens.

And yes life happens but you need to be proactive and let them know you are going to be late and possible discuss options.

That is what I did when my mother passed and my loan company allowed me to skip 2 pymts. You signed the contract remember that


For one that is not the president of citifinancial and is not even where there hq is located, not even same state!

For two YOU WERE LATE!!! If you were late then it reports on your credit in complinace with fair credit report act. It does not matter why you were late, and for it to report on your credit as late you had to be at least 30 days past due. Also citifinancial did not get the bail out it was citi. All the bailout was is a loan that citi had to pay back in full, the goverment made 7 BILLION dollars in profit off this loan ( the larges profit from any of the baiout). Citi paid this loan back in full so do the same.You needed money they gave you a loan, citi needed money goverment gave them a loan, no different!!

The bailout was not FREE money for them just to keep. All co had to pay back the loan.

Sorry your mother died, but you should have not been 30 days late, a week or 2 i can understand, but that means you went at least 60 days between payments to be 30 days late if you paid your last payment on time!!

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