Palm Beach, Florida

citifinancial auto's incompetence knows no bounds.

i'll try to keep this as short as possible but that might be difficult as there is a lot to share here.

admittedly, finances have been the source of much of my struggles over the past 6 months as many magazine subscriptions have gone unpaid along with a few other "not so important bills".

my salary was recently cut in half but still remains more than i would probably be making anywhere else so i stuck with the job. however, over the past 6 months i have fallen behind on my car payments (currently 4 months behind owing about 1100 bucks)

i rationalized that its better to make my rent payment and buy groceries and have electricity than to pay credit card bills and even car payments. had i made the $280 car payment each month i would have either starved or been forced to live in the stifling summer heat of south florida in may june july.

bottom line is i made a payment via moneygram last month and didnt bother to inform citi that i made the payment because that would havemeant i would have to speak with one of their incredibly rude reps. (every time i speak to one of the customer CARE reps i feel like they think it is their money that i owe them.. personally. like their $10/hour position gives them the authority to talk down to me as if i had actually borrowed the money from them and how they don't want excuses they just want payment in full)

well obviously i cant make payment in full so i ignored their request for payment in full and just sent one payment which i came to find out 2 days ago that they havent even credited to my account yet even though i sent it last month.

now heres where it gets interesting: tomorrow is friday and i was planning one sending another $280 towards my balance but these nitwits have sent the repo man to get my car.. fortunately i live in a gated community and the guard knows me well... will enough to not allow them entrance. he's a good guy to be friends with... 6 foot 6 war vet carrying a 357 on his hip. anyways as i was getting out of the shower the guard gate called me to inform me that citifinancial auto was here and that he wouldn't let them in - to which i was much obliged.

now i am a florida native and have lived here most of my life and i have no less than 50 places where i can safely keep this car. it helps that i get paid under the table at work and that citi only has my former place of employment on record - i haven't worked there for over a year - so they have no idea (other than my apartment) where to find my car. and i can play this game for the next year if they would like.

the beef here is that they act flip about my last payment sitting in cyberspace for nearly 30 days and refused to accept anything other than complete full payment because a while back when i was actually out of work i had to use up my deferment for 3 months so they claim there is nothing they can do now - it is out of their hands. "let me transfer you to the department handling your account- after being on hold for 10 minutes i get some kid who cant be older than 20 - "this is MR. EDWARDS!, what can i do for you?" well for starters you can receive the $ i sent you last month, then you can... "Listen, (my name), you need to listen to me! you need to send payment in full" You need , you need , you need, etc." totally cut me off mid sentence and started in with the script. i tried to speak and he got louder and after about 1 minute of that i just hung up. then my cell phone rings off the hook for about 5 minutes straight with 2 nasty messages about how citi has a zero tolerance for irresponsible borrowers. now i am insulted.who wouldn't be? i cant imagine i am the only one going through some financial difficulty nowadays but at least i am making an attempt at sending something, and hoping i'll get between 500-1000 bonus for xmas and be able to mostly catch up with my car payments but now i am inclined to ruin this repo man's reputation. honestly, there is no way they will ever find this car or get a payment now unless they are willing to at least work with me here. i mean i have been with them for over 2 years and they are acting like its life or death to receive full payment when in reality it will cost them so much more to repo the car and sell it at auction as i owe 6 grand on it and it may only be worth half that at auction.

im just pissed that they wont accept my payment and instead would prefer to repo the car. that seems like *** business, doesn't it?!!?

any feedback?

wow i feel better already. thanks for letting me vent.

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Mallen is exactly right you are 4 months behind. Also i use to work a repo co, THEY WILL GET IT.

I have seen where we have sit in a regular car watched people leave and followed to next place. This is usually the next easiest way if not at the house. They have the right to demand payment in full now that your contract is in default. They do not have to accept the one payment.

You need to grow up and pay your bills.

For Don't understand how they in b, another person talking who does not know what they are talking about. citifinancial did not get the bailout for the 1000th time!!!!! Citi got it.

Even so is no different than you, you needed a loan, citifinancial gave you a loan and bailed you out. Citi needed a loan and the goverment bailed them out and just as you citi had to pay back in full (and already did in feb of this year) and the goverment made 7 BILLION in profit off the loan. So why dont you follow the example and pay your bill as you agreed.

I am tired of hearing people whine about the bailout, it was a loan just like you got that they had to pay back. BIG DEAL!!


My roomie made all of her payments and only had $100 of late fees, they came to repo the car and nobody will call her back. Today is the last day she has to get the car back, now she owns $1400, What can we do? :(


They are a real joke I won't the address and number to the corporate office because I had almost the same experience with them as well they repoed the car and I tried to give them at least $1400.00 the next day and they refused that and then 4 month's later I get a settlement letter for the $1475.00 to settle the debt . What kind of people are working for them? I see why they needed the bailout money because they are real ***.


You are four months behind on payments... they should repo your car if you cannot afford the car then let it go back and find you a cheap ride until your finances are more stable...

I know you think its your car but they have the title and will until its paid off. If you wanted to defer payments then it should have been done before you got way behind on payments.

I do not understand how everyone thinks they can just not pay for things yet still keep them. Maybe we can get Obama to cough up a few billion to bail out everyone who has a bad car loan...

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