Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Citifinancial auto does not work with its customers!! After owning and paying for on time 4 dodge vehicles this year I was unable to meet my payments.

citifinancial sent a repo man to pick up my pick up truck...when I went to make arrangement to catch up on the payments only to find out that 3 days later I would be due another payment or I would once again be behind and waiting for the repo man to show up again. I was also being charged towing fees; I watched the repo people drive the pickup...what was the towing fee for.

Rather than be constantly be hounded by citi financial we opted to let them keep the pickup....think we will see anything in return for the vehicle we traded in on it....NOT!!!! ENJOYING DRIVING MY 1984....NO CITIFINANCIAL HEADACHES!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Auto Loan.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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hey i know its been a long time, but do you remember what company towed your car?


i've been repoed before so i learned my lesson


:) they did the same to me.


Thank you someone, you are dead on with your comment. It is time people grow up and learn to pay their bills on time!!


you complain because you were late on your payments and the lienholder practiced their legal rights to the vehicle. then you complain that you get charged fees.

then you complain you'll be due another payment.

you're due a payment EVERY month, why is that such a surprise? you need to educate yourself before you get into these types of contracts.


It does not matter that the repo co drove your truck away instead of hooking up to a tow truck, there still is a repo charge that citi had to pay to the repo co as with any repo co. Repo co do not do repos for free!!

Also you still will be legally responsible for any balance left and your credit will show the repo. Once they have sold your vehicle they will send you the bill for the balance. If you do not pay it they will sue and garnish your wages and if you own a home they can put a lien on it (even if you have a mortage) by getting a judgment and this will be on your credit. Good luck getting a loan anywhere after that.

Just because they repo the vehicle does not mean the loan still does not exist and will cont to report deliquent on your credit.

Just wanted to let you know what you can look forward to. Good luck as i had to learn the hard way, but i will soon be done and have all my paycheck back and the lien off my home!!


by the ay they do work with their customers. i received a statement late one time and they waived the fee and suggested auto draft. i did so and it has been the best thing ever!!


hello....who said stuff was free in this world. the last time i bought a car i was told i had to make payments......right??? pay your bills and you wont get repo'd.

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